Port Services


Navigational aids, pilotage, movement, etc. are controlled independently by SEL.


The tug/pilot boat landing is located alongside the breakwater on the harbor side in between two jetties outside the LNG ignition exclusion zone. The tugs and other crafts will serve all ships. The tug boat landing is provided with a hook-up facility for firefighting back-up. 4 tugs of 70 tons are intended to be operational for keeping the port operational.


The design philosophy for the mooring and berthing layout is based on the relevant guidelines published by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF guidelines - 2nd edition 1997) and relevant BS Codes to accommodate the full range of ships.
Two breasting dolphins and eight mooring dolphins on LNGC side and two breasting dolphins and two mooring dolphins are drawn up for all the vessels (p-s-t and s-s-t). Two mooring dolphins of larger size are provided to cater to mooring from both the sides that is mooring of LNGC and FSRU on single mooring dolphin.

Navigations Facilities

Navigation buoys will be demarcating the navigable limits of naturally deep or dredged water areas of the channel and inner basin. The buoys will be marked and lit in accordance with the IALA System 'A' applicable in India