Environment, Health & Safety


We at Swan LNG aim to create infrastructure to supply clean fuel (Natural Gas) to various industries and consumers of the nation. Natural gas is noted to be the cleanest burning hydrocarbon fuel. By using the regasified LNG that has replaced most of the fuel sources, we intend to create an environment that is emission free and safe to live in.

Comprehensive Handling Capacity

We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, workers, local community and our environment. For this reason, we have adopted and adhere to the highest standards for health, safety and environmental protection. We methodically apply these standards in our day-to-day project development and implementation processes. We work closely with local government, community leaders and our stakeholders to raise their awareness and enlist their support.

We are well equipped with numerous safety systems including gas and fire detection and suppression systems, spill containment systems, emergency shutdown systems, pressure release systems and advanced control and communications systems.

Through a dedicated team, we are also developing, implementing and improving our comprehensive health and safety management system which will ensure the betterment of the locals as a whole. Our experienced personnel are well trained and regularly tested for response times through drills and simulated emergencies to ensure the highest level of readiness to prevent and minimize potential consequences of equipment or process failures.