Harbour Details

Approach channel

The orientation of approach channel is aligned 90∘N/270∘N with a gradual turn from the main channel. The approach channel connects the port with the deep waters at the harbour entrance with clear width of 400 M (7.27 times of 55 m beam size of Q-Max vessel) for easy arrival/departure of the ships.

Turning Circle, stopping distance and LNG berth

The turning circle diameter of 700 M which is 2.0 times of the LOA of the largest LNGC (Q-Max) will be provided. Since the harbour will be dredged very close to the shore and servicing high risk LNG carriers and storage, a turning circle diameter of 700 M with an additional 100 m safety distance on both sides, which is shore line and the breakwater. A stopping distance of 1,200 M (3 to 4 times of LOA with external assistance of tugs to stop the vessel) has been provided in the view of the largest LNG vessel (Q-Max) to be handled by the port terminal. Minimum dredged depth of -14.5 M CD at berth, turning basin and approach channel which can safely handle arrival and departure of vessels up to Q-Max size ship with a maximum loaded design draught of 12.5 m.