Operation Features

Ultra-modern Port Infrastructure

Swan LNG's port infrastructure consists of a pioneering Floating Storage and Regasification Unit that is also the first-of-its-kind in India. We have invested significantly to design not only a unique facility but also created an LNG Port with world class services coupled with proven technology and superior equipments.

Comprehensive Handling Capacity

Our port is designed for easy vessel maneuvering, mooring, unmooring and also has unique weather safety measures in place for safe transport of LNG. Vessels from around the world are given a safe passage both in and out of the port area. Harbor has a 14.5 draft and deepest and longest breakwater in India, that allow it to accommodate QMAX Carriers with ease.

Unwavering Support

We pride ourselves in providing 24x7, 365 days of excellent service to our clients, to all arriving/departing carriers and to the community we work with. We have a strong support system of professionals in place that take care that all processes are fully functional at all times. All problems grievances and issues, whether during the day or at night, are also professionally dealt with.

All-weather Harbor

Our harbor is the key to our operations and we have taken all precautions to ensure that is safe even from the harshest weather conditions. The harbor has automatic cut-off systems to ensure that sea water does not penetrate the port. The pipelines are also weather tested to ensure that fluctuations in atmospheric conditions do not affect LNG transport at any time. The port is also closest to some of the popular import destinations.

Acme of Operational Excellence

The entire Swan LNG Port is engineered and constructed in compliance with the highest paradigms of safety, environment compliance, reliability and quality. We have incorporated these norms to provide our LNG Port Users with world class services coupled with proven technology and superior equipments.