Gas Pipeline Infrastructure

India has a relatively underdeveloped gas pipeline infrastructure when compared to some developed countries. However, in tune with increasing demand and growing natural gas supplies, the government is taking steps to build a better infrastructure. India, currently, has a network of 13,000 km of natural gas transmission pipelines with a capacity of around 337 MMSCMD. This network is expected to increase to around 28,000 Kms with a total capacity of around 721 MMSCMD in next decade owing to the formation of a National Gas Grid connecting which will connect all major centres of the country. The western region of India accounts for the highest proportion of the existing pipeline network of the country and also for the highest consumption of natural gas. At the same time the presence of pipeline network remains significantly low in the central, southern and eastern parts of the country. To address the regional imbalance of pipeline networks present in the country, MoPNG in the year 2007 authorized to lay around 8400 Kms of pipeline network. India is expected to have circa 32,727 Kms of natural gas pipeline with a design capacity of 815 MMSCMD in place by 2030.